Its deep red trademark color and famous spokespeople are emblems of natural Asian beauty. As an Asian woman, I was ecstatic to be part of a brand that celebrated women and catered to strong, self-made females.


digital transformation for P&G

When P&G’s iconic billion-dollar brand, SK-II, asked Huge to partner with them on their digital strategy, I was lucky enough to be a key part of that relationship. As an Associate UX Director, I worked with executives at SK-II’s Singapore headquarters to craft their digital transformation and build omni-channel touchpoints across the customer journey.

Our first step was to update the functional but dated Customer Management tool that of SK-II salespeople across Asia were using. I led the UX research and design of this tablet app tool, flying between Singapore, Japan, and China to do everything from interview users, present to stakeholders, and usability test our prototypes with real SK-II salespeople. The product was built in 6 months and piloted in some of the busiest department stores in Japan, SK-II’s biggest market. Now it’s helping thousands of SK-II salespeople service their customers.


everything a salesperson needs

My biggest learning from interviewing SK-II salespeople is that they are passionate about their jobs. They don’t just sell skincare products; they are beauty counselors who help people find skincare solutions tailored to their needs. With the old Customer Management system, they were wasting a lot of time doing things manually and it took them away from what they were great at: talking face-to-face with customers and helping people with their skin concerns. Our updated home screen laid out the most important tasks of each day. Everyone could see scheduled appointments, quickly access their to-do’s, and know right away if there were any new messages from the corporate office. We discovered this content priority by shadowing salespeople in their jobs and through various 1:1 interviews.


Customer profiles

CRM was a huge part of this tool. Every salesperson benefitted from seeing customers’ skin concerns and score (a patented way of determining the skin’s “true” age). This means salespeople could give repeat clients tailored treatment.


service history

Understanding purchase history and patterns also meant salespeople could see when clients were about to run out of a product, or what types of products the clients favored. This also enabled a more tailored approach to service.


personalized skincare

No SK-II customer walks away from a counter without getting focused attention for their needs and skin concerns. We built a counseling tool that visually showed off the efficacy and benefits of each SK-II product and allowed salespeople to explain their merchandise with visual aids.

We also built a digital questionnaire for customers to answer questions about their skincare needs. This served two key purposes: 1) collect information that could make product suggestions more tailored, and 2) give customers something to do by themselves if no salesperson was available to personally cater to them.


from prototype to visual design

We needed every part of this tool to be easily accessible and not waste any time. That’s why it was important to test everything from the navigation to the flow of pages to overall task completion. We did card sorting exercises to figure out the best organization of content.

After completing the overall structure, I made clickable prototypes in grayscale wireframe format so that we could test flows and validate the user-friendliness of the overall design and content. In parallel, I collaborated very closely with the extremely talented Creative Director, Tiffany Pan, and a fantastic visual design team to bring the brand to life in every screen.