GoEuro Redesign

After 5 years with the same old desktop design, it was time for a fresh new look. My first task as a newly hired Product Design Director was to lead this change.


we started with the user problems

For booking travel tickets, desktop web still gets the most conversions. That’s why it was important for the experience to facilitate all the behaviors that lead to purchase, from price comparison to data input to relaying important messages about strikes and ticketing options.


every design was responsive

Before the redesign, GoEuro also had separate code bases for mobile and desktop web. This meant we had to maintain two sets of design as well. We needed to streamline the components in a way that each one afforded proper scalability across small, medium, and large screen sizes. Additionally, we had to consider the impact that 16 different languages and several different currencies would have on the design.


collaboration was key

My job was to push creative decision-making and oversee the development of every page as well as the global style guide. Alongside the team, I would sketch, review work, prep user testing questions, and ensure that the experience we were designing was consistent and true to our customer-centric values.

I made sure that the team collaborated daily to build up a system of components that could be shared across screens. Then we designed, prototyped, and did rounds of usability testing to continuously iterate upon the designs and solve any issues that came up. Because we introduced some very new functionality, we wanted to make sure our features were validated through user feedback before we even did a limited release for A/B testing.


clean, beautiful search & booking

We wanted the look & feel to be a modern and updated version of the existing blue and white brand. By sticking to clean lines and modules, the design felt fresh without being boring. We also needed to keep the UI as uncomplicated as possible to help the user get through a purchase funnel that we know sometimes gives people anxiety. We looked at how to could show the information in as helpful a way as possible, focusing on clean communication and even revisiting our tone of voice and messaging for many pages. Our goal with the design was to make it both beautiful and seamless.


global product style guide

Before I arrived as Product Design Director at GoEuro, the designers weren’t really using a style guide. I had to bring the design team together and ask them how many grays they all thought they were using. It turned out every designer was using slightly different shades of gray and it was kind of a big mess. As the leader of the project, I made it my responsibility to foster collaboration within the team and ensure that we build a visual system that everyone could adhere to.

The results


Increase in round-trip conversions


Increase in gross booking value per visit


Shades of gray in style guide, down from 8!