GoEuro Apps Rebrand

New brand, new logo. Beautiful new app.


designed to inspire

We wanted to bring the joy and the beauty of travel to our customers. Armed with a set of gorgeous new illustrations (drawn by Anta Alek and art directed by Anna Bulycheva), our goal was to combine the calm serenity of the illustrations with the utility that our product provides. What we always kept in mind was to connect emotionally with users through visuals and design, while also giving them a seamless booking experience free of anxiety.


user feedback at every step

We tested the whole search flow, from the moment they open the app to the point where they make the decision to book. Every major design decision was informed by how we could make the experience as intuitive and stress-free as possible. In addition to task completion, we tested the success of new features and UI elements that didn’t exist in our old app. This qualitative feedback fed into the final design and helped us push forward a design that made sense for the user.


more than just another tool

We help users book trips, but at the end of the day, we also want to connect with our customers and give them a reason to keep coming back. We made sure to keep information clear, help with decision-making, and get them through the search process with as much confidence as possible. Utility is good, but for a product to be special, it needs to work well, look great, and go beyond serving one single purpose.


through design, we looked to the future

Apps offers a unique opportunity to be more tailored to the user. As a product team, we thought about how the apps will evolve over time, where we want it to go in the future and how we get there. Whatever the platform evolves into, we needed a strong and scalable foundation for growth. That’s why we spent a lot of time also designing what apps could become, and how this first design could just the starting point to an interesting and innovative road ahead.