Credit Suisse Responsive

A private banking experience for one of the world's most respected banks.


beautiful, scalable, cross-platform design.

I led a UX and Product Design team through concept and research, focusing on consistent patterns and beautiful data. I created wireframes, made flows, collected business requirements, and conducted research.

Our starting point was the iPad app, from which we got learnings through analytics. We used to develop a better understanding of how people were using the app, and then redesigned it so it worked across small, medium, and large screens.


involved from concept to launch

We followed our designs with two rounds of usability testing, constantly iterating upon the designs. In tandem, the creative team developed a beautiful style guide that highlighting the data’s simplicity while staying deeply rooted in the tradition of clean Swiss design, a nod to the bank’s origins.

Then, in the last two weeks leading up to code freeze, I flew to Bangalore to sit side by side with the engineering team. My job was to ensure all flows were designed and accounted for, as well as provide oversight and QA during the build process.


we created a scalable design system

As the UX lead on the project, I directed four UX and product designers to build and design with a consistent language. In parallel to creating each screen, we developed a living library of every pattern and component in the app.


trading made easy

Before designing this app, I knew nothing about equity trades. I did everything from sitting with subject matter experts to interviewing traders and investors to opening my own personal trading account in order to understand both the user needs and technical aspects of trading online. The goal of the app was to design for people, not power traders. That’s why the design had to intuitive and easy to use, while also enabling individuals to move large amounts of money in a seamless, secure way.

I designed and tested this equity trading flow. Today, 1/4 of all Credit Suisse’s equity trades done in Asia go through this platform. That means within 2 years of launch, this design — a design I created — transacted roughly $1 billion USD.


designed with real data

The app also provided content for investors to check in on market news and happenings. We created a responsive editorial hub that would work with the content provided from our actual data source. Some news items would have photos and some wouldn’t. Headlines would come in a variety of lengths. The design had accommodate all these cases while still being visually appealing. It was important for us to make it work with the data we had, not the data we wanted but would never get. That’s why you don’t see any “lorem ipsum” in these designs.

The results


Increase in the number of Private Banking clients using the digital channel in 1 year.

$1 billion

Total transaction value in US Dollars.


Of all equity trades for Credit Suisse across Asia are now done via this platform (as of 2017).