Credit Suisse iPad App

I led the UX design of Credit Suisse’s first Private Banking iPad app.


An app worth millions

An absence of innovative, user-friendly personal finance apps meant we paved the way for digital high net worth portfolios. The goal was to build a product that could supplement the premium service the bank gave to their exclusive clients.

As Credit Suisse’s priority was Asia Pacific, I moved to Singapore from the U.S. to lead this project.


collaboration features

The app enabled clients to engage directly with their Relationship Managers through a secured line. This was a completely new feature that didn’t exist, so my job was to gather all the requirements around the technical limitations and user needs, and craft a full fledged communication and screen / document sharing system that could work seamlessly. I collaborated with the engineering team to ensure that whatever we designed could also be built given the infrastructure we had.


My financial instruments wireframes

I designed this wireframe for a page that had to scale for 11 different variations of financial instruments. Using various data points and chart types, I had to ensure that the page could swap components in a flexible way so each type could dynamically change without too much design change. In order to make this system, I needed to have a solid understanding of what data points each financial instrument required. I spoke with a lot of subject matter experts and validated these designs with them continuously, while also working directly with the engineering team to define how this template could be built.


what i did

  • Design and build. To embrace the subject matter, I met daily with finance experts while leading an Interaction Design team in creating designs, flows, & data visuals.

  • Test with users. I scripted and oversaw the usability sessions, screened participants, and partnered with a trained researcher to facilitate sessions.

  • Refine design. I summarized the research to executive clients and worked with design and development to incorporate user feedback.