Comcast My Account

This user-approved design made bill pay easy for 23 million customers.


users loved how easy bill pay could be

I led the UX design & research for Comcast’s first mobile account management site.

Alongside two product designers, I wireframed pages and states, oversaw usability tests, and created a robust template that would scale across pages.

Our ultimate goal was the reduce Customer Support calls by making bill pay fast, easy, and secure through a logged in experience. As part of user testing, we invited participants of many different ages to test that our flow was indeed easier than calling the Support line. The result? Users loved it. They said if they could pay their bill with what we designed, they’d never call again.

Once this went live, our users proved true to their word. We not only reduced calls for Comcast but saw immediately that people were paying their bills on their mobile phones.


we took the stress out of appointments

Booking and managing appointments for cable and internet service was a huge headache for users. It led to thousands of Support calls per year that was costing Comcast a lot of money. We needed a way to self-manage appointments so users could do everything on their phone, from confirming the appointments to canceling them if something came up. This mobile design was the first step toward allowing user to reach out directly to their technicians as well as keeping them up to date on appointment details.


comcast’s first mobile outage detector

Comcast often received calls about outages. One important feature in the mobile experience was to allow customers to check their connections and get notifications about them.


A univsersal wireframe template

With multiple designers, it was important to establish consistency throughout. As UX Lead, I built the framework for a template library so every designer could work off of it together.