Julie Kondo

UX Designer

Hello, I'm Julie.

Nine years ago, I found myself sitting on a playroom floor talking to 9-year-olds about apps. We spent the afternoon making “prototypes” with pipe cleaners and glue. Unbelievably, this was part of my job at Nickelodeon, where I worked in digital product development. The kids' playtime was my user research. Three months later, I led the launch of one of the company's first mobile apps, made by kids, for kids.

That was the start of my colorful journey in UX. In 2012, I joined digital agency Huge, and, while there, I moved from the U.S. to Singapore, where in two years, I helped grow a 3-person team into Huge's first Asia office, designed Credit Suisse’s first private banking app, and led digital transformation for P&G. Plus I traveled to Japan, India, and China for work and ate noodles every day.

I have an insatiable thirst for the unknown and that’s what brought me to Santiago de Chile a year ago, from where I now work as a freelance UX consultant, travel, and learn to speak like a local.